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Seaweed Smoker

by Signal Deluxe

Cala 05:54
Code 06:21


We just waited along for this one and are very happy to present you the 8th release with our mexican bro's from Signal Deluxe. 4 track out of mind, experimental deep, layerd with house and techno elements, but also broken beat and electronica soundscapes. Includes really deep remix by labelhead Matthias Springer, enjoy!

Salah Sadeq (alola, sexonwax, techfui):
"Nice tracks here. like seaweed and code" (will play)
DJ Samer (Spundae, Pangea, Stellar Fountain, Rezongar, frisky, Smart Phenomena....):
"nice minimal experiments and superb remix from Matthias " (will play)
"Downloading for Tony Verdi. Thx!!!" (will play)
Shi Buka / Phik Sy ():
"nice!!!" (will play)
Richie Hawtin (M-nus):
"downloaded for r hawtin"
Westradio.gr ():
"very good release! will play on west radio! thanks" (will play)
Al Bradley (3am Recordings/i! Records/Bulletdodge Records/Paper Recordings/Deep Site etc)):
"Both versions of Seaweed Smoker are fantastic examples of deep/hypnotic grooves, really excellent stuff. The other three cuts are also great, really good to hear a variety of beats and textures; Code is pretty awesome!" (will play)
Sean-Michael Yoder ():
"Another amazing release from Signal Deluxe!" (will play)
"cool tunes, thx !" (will play)
Daniel Mehes (Phobiq, Rhythm Converted, Resopal Schallware, Dubmetrical):
"interesting ideas, great stuff"
Dave Stuart ():
"" (will play)
Brian Busto (Warm Walls, Ugly Bug, Serious Soul):
"bad ass release. thank you" (will play)
Juanita Ramirez/Sello Amigo Radioshow ():
"supporting for sello amigo radioshow" (will play)
Gregor Kempf (soon):
"seaweed smoker !" (will play)
Deadbeat Disco (Paper Recordings/ 3am Recordings/ too many to say):
"I like Code a lot. Will support on this months radio show if it fits!" (will play)
Jan Liefhebber (We Are Techno/HighlandBeats):
"Seaweed Smoker by Signal Deluxe Support !" (will play)
Allan Blomquist (Logism):
"great stuff, little weired but special!"
Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe Records):
"Original of Seaweed Smoker is cool, will try it." (will play)
Forest People (Nachtstrom Schallplatten / Driving Forces):
Niki Belucci:
"nice release, thanks" (will play)
Anderson Noise ():
"thanks for the music" (will play)
Lilith (Deep Circus / Diametral / Zaubermilch):
"Super hot! Cala is my fav"
PointBender (Harmonious Discord, Guidance, Thoughtless, Blaq):
"Love signal deluxe, family!" (will chart) (will play)
Simon Beeston (Highgrade / Freizeitglauben):
"Nice deep dark vibes. Cheers. " (will play)
Signal Deluxe (Blaq / PantaMuzik):
"always Class A stuff from the duo!!! awesome release thanks! " (will play)
Alejandro Romero (Gooseneck/Indepth/Zotz):
"Seaweed Smoker for me, thanks! " (will play)
Tim Thaler (BLN.FM):
Roberto Romero:
"Seawed Smoker is for me" (will play)
Bruno Ledesma (Concepto Hipnotico / Wall Music):
"Matthias Springer for me :)"
"code is my favorite" (will chart) (will play)
Duchess of Dub ():
"I will download and in the future include to a mix... If that is all right.. by mid summer or late summer." (will play)
Kemmi Kamachi (Android Musiq, Contrast-R, F.O.S.):
"Seaweed Smoker (Matthias Springer Resonating Escape) is my fav. Will try this one out." (will play)
Juan Moreno (SoundBlackRecords-XOOD-Ruter-JetAloneMusic-CentralDogma-Mixe):
"Great Ep Congrats :)" (will chart) (will play)
Matteo Pitton (Eintakt / Diametral):
""Cala" is my favorite track. thanks for sending!"
Dick Diamonds // Hermans (Lab.our // Extended Play // 530Techno):
"LOVE SEAWEED SMOKER. This was one of the tracks I wanted for our label - - fantastic work on this track. Just love it. 5/5 on that one!! Nice remix by MS as well. Also loving Cala, Great distorted acid flex that tickles my fancy nicely. The other two are far out and unique, but Seaweed smoker will definitely be getting its smoke on with me! Big love! D" (will play)
Dimitri Amsterdam (Planet E Communications Detroit ):
"Mathias Springer version is my fav" (will play)
Kareem Gokem (Dubmission Radioshow):
"Signal Deluxe on Diametral, I don't think there's a chance of going wrong with a heavy hitting release like this, really strong productions here. Loving the artwork too by the way!" (will play)
Philipp Wolgast (Vitalik Records, Fantastic Friends Recordings):
"awesome, signal deluxe catching up seriously. love all tracks, dirty dirty.. THX!" (will chart) (will play)
Adam Collins (Euphoria Records, Subtrak, Like-Button):
Eliazar Noba (Default Machine/ IᐃNDᐃ MUSIC):
"Really nice tracks, thanks SD " (will chart) (will play)
Keinemusik ():
"nice stuff, we will check this" (will play)
Electric Indigo:
"all across the land is cool!" (will play)
Marco Carola:
"downloaded for marco carola, thanks " (will chart)
Jeff Bennett (Kung Fu Dub):
"Matthias Springer remix is def for me, nice one!" (will play)
Csaba ():
"amazing" (will chart)
Lars Wickinger (So What Music/Eclaire The Heart):
"Downloading for Lars Wickinger! " (will play)
Mark J (Radioactivity Productions):
"support!!" (will play)
Matt K (Overdrive):
"cool danke für die Musik!" (will play)
Heiko Goebel:
"love the cals track brilliant thx" (will play)
The Zone Records Radioshow:
"thanks! download for The-Zone Fm show Support"
James Johnson (Re(Form) Panel Trax, Absoloop, 6ONE6, Dosed,C24,Home Recordings, Orange 82, Concerns Music,METROPLEX,DITEKT):
"Nice release!" (will play)
Troy Pierce ():
"cool tracks, i really like seaweed smoker and the remix as well.. nice!" (will chart) (will play)
Lyn Stanford ():
"Nice build up" (will play)
Emiliano Martini ():
"Very nice package, will play 4 sure !!" (will play)
Tsugi mag:
"cool remix"
"Great release!!!! Downloading for electrosound.tv... Thank you" (will play)
Misk ():
"playlist in altroverso radio" (will play)
Du Sant (Krad Records/Musickollektiv/Lethal Script/Plunk!):
"matthias springer rmx & cala for me. thanks"
Luis Nieva (Area Sur Records ):
"excellent" (will play)
My Evil Twiin:
"Seaweed Smoker , just how i like my tunes... deep , down and dirty !" (will play)
Jonzz (Houseworx, Diametral, Popart):
"nice vibes from signal delux! support"
Mild Bang (XOOD, Loco, Thoughtless):
"seaweed smoker!! both mixes are great!!" (will play)
Liquid Sky (Filtered Visions):
"springer escape for me" (will play)


released June 10, 2014

W&P by Signal Deluxe
Artwork licensed via Fotolia.de


all rights reserved



Diametral Augsburg, Germany

a different point of listening

DimbiDeep Music


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