5 Years Diametral

by Various Artists



Looking back, within the last 5 years Diametral developed as a very versatile label in electronic music, a platform for international artists presenting their very personal and unique sounds. Together with its sublabels DimbiDeep Music, Logism and Wohnzimmermusik, Diametral covers a large spectrum, finding itself in a lot of different genres. Time to celebrate the 5th anniversary with this great compilation, reflecting on the labels philosophy. Starting with chilled downbeats by Lars Leonhard, the fusion of deep house and dub techno with Frank Hellmond, Nvelope and labelhead Matthias Springer, straight techno stuff by Alex Aphex & Robin Jacobs and M.I.C.R.O., Detroit Flavours and Techhouse with Shebuzzz and Signal Deluxe, back to the laidback fields of Marco Madia, just to name a few! Enjoy this listening experience!


Philipp Wolgast (Vitalik Records, Fantastic Friends Recordings):
"signal deluxe is so coooool. rest not for me as a dj, but i like your style.. thx. :)" (will play)
UGLH (Marco Duranti) (8bit Records):
Joseph Capriati:
"Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks."
Juan Moreno (SoundBlackRecordings-JetAloneMusic-CentralDogma-Mixe-Ruter-XOOD):
"Great Compilation !" (will play)
G Cue (MIkita Skyy, Extended Play [UK], Black Crack Records ):
"Sounds like a fantastic 5 years...Great work. Thx for an amazing VA compiliation" (will play)
Nvelope (Diametral / Eintakt):
"love all Tracks ! Great Compilation " (will play)
Gunther ():
"great selection, thx"
Matt K (Overdrive):
"dankesuper sound!!" (will play)
Substak ():
"Happy anniversary and keep the good work" (will chart) (will play)
Oshee (Klopfgeist):
"Yes! thank you - great vibes, perfect." (will play)
Gabriel Le Mar:
"cool compilation - Innocence by Yuuki Hori is my favourite" (will play)
Tom Schön (Soap, BluFin, Circle Music, Praxxiz, Sickness, Soundso, Glovel Deep, Anorrak, Abiesa):
"Great phat tunes THX" (will play)
Lyn Stanford ():
"Soothing" (will play)
Jonzz (Houseworx, Diametral, Popart, Proper Slap, Musique Unique):
"fusion & sundanze is the best of the comp., for me " (will play)
Ovidiu Adrian (O-ccult Music):
"Bonjour Caresse is my favourite" (will play)
Patrick Lindsey (HideOut):
"nice VA.. will play & listen :)" (will play)
Francois Bresez & El Marco (Supermarket Unlimited - Rimoshee House - Crossworld Academy - konzept [:] musique ):
"Great VA. Support!" (will play)
Salah Sadeq (alola, sexonwax, techfui):
"thanks will check them out on the floor!" (will play)
Paco Osuna (Plus8):
"Will try thanks ;)" (will play)
Frank c (Kolour records, Open Bar music, Houseworx ):
"Cool !!! Fusion and Innocence my prefer tracks !!" (will chart) (will play)
Tim Thaler (BLN.FM):
Dima Plastic ():
"very good" (will play)
"Take it Live/My Friends/Clan/Sundaze/3 AM/" (will chart) (will play)
Mark J (Radioactivity Productions):
"take it live... fusion... my friends... clan... sundaze... 3AM... rising... artic desert... innocence... keep em coming!!!!!!" (will play)
Solarfall (Logism):
"Happy Birthaday then:)Quality sound here;)"
Laurent ():
"another wtm's playlist is coming soon…;)" (will play)
Allan Blomquist (Logism / zerO413):
"amazing sampler, love all of it!"
Markus Fritsch (Tonreport.de):
"great collection, concidering for review"
DK Strickler ():
"The jump of senses is so dreamy. The atmosphere is unreal!" (will play)
Mild Bang (XOOD, Loco, Thoughtless):
"great tracks!!" (will play)
Anderson Noise ():
"thanks for the music" (will chart) (will play)
Shebuzzz (DimbiDeep Music):
"Yeah! :)" (will play)
Brian Busto (Warm Walls, Ugly Bug, Serious Soul):
"great selection. thank you" (will play)
Dave Stuart ():
"" (will play)
Yuuki Hori:
"Great!!!!" (will chart) (will play)
Sophie Nixdorf (Overdrive) (Overdrive, Diametral, Rezongar ...):
"Downloaded for Sophie Nixdorf, thanks. "
Jeff 23 (expressillion):
"clan and sundaze :) " (will play)
Vazik (Sounds of Earth / Flash Recordings):
"great stuff all over" (will play)
Richie Hawtin (M-nus):
"downloaded for r hawtin"
Misk ():
"playlist and support in altroverso" (will play)
Luis Nieva (Area Sur Records ):
"in my radio show , best regards" (will play)
Jamie Kidd (Thoughtless Music, BYC Music):
"Congrats on 5 Years!" (will play)
Fabio Ricciuti (basica recordings ):
"" (will play)
"" (will play)
Takashi Watanabe (Hypnotic Room):
"Amazing beautiful album !! I love "Innocence by Yuuki Hori" ! best track !!!!!! will play it !!!" (will chart) (will play)
My Evil Twiin ():
"Lilith : 3 AM is the one that stands out for me " (will play)
Leman & Dieckmann ():
"3 AM from lilith favorite here"
PointBender (Harmonious Discord, Guidance, Thoughtless, Blaq):
"100% of love on this one" (will chart) (will play)
Bruno Ledesma (Concepto Hipnotico / Wall Music):
"Clan for me!! Happy 5 years :)"
Matteo Pitton (Eintakt / Diametral):
"checking out all the tracks - thanks for sending and happy 5th years anniversary! :D"
Marco Carola:
"downloading for marco carola, thanks"
ed2000 (dangerous drums):
"quality, full support" (will chart) (will play)


released June 18, 2015

Mastered by DPR


all rights reserved



Diametral Augsburg, Germany

/// Home of Diametral - DimbiDeep Music - Wohnzimmermusik - Logism - Turmfalke /// ... as the labels name suggest, the releases are not related to a specific genre in electronic music, instead it is open for a large spectrum in sound and different influences from thrill to chill with a basic focus on the deeper spheres of house and techno. ... more

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